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Do you wish to learn IELTS?

We can help. Be a part of our team. Yes, that's correct. we will work with you as a team member. we will assess your current level of preparation and will prepare a lesson plan suited specifically to your needs.

How are we different?

We keep in mind the diversity of population that needs to take the test for various education and immigration needs. We do not presume that you are a native user of English language. we will assess your requirements and needs and will guide you accordingly so you can reach the required language bench marks

Our timings and Batch slots

It is our endeavor to have flexible timings and batches for our students since many of them are full time working professionals. We have late evening and weekend sessions for your convenience.

Our Methodology

We will assist you in achieving the Canadian Language Benchmark that you need to achieve. We will design the module and lesson plans as per the student's requirement and the pace that is suitable to the candidate. We also speak multiple languages and our teacher will explain the material to you first in the language you will understand.

Our Materials

All the educational material is provided by us. We bring you up to date with the latest trends and latest concepts which will ensure that you get ahead with full steam.