Immigrate to Canada
Immigrate to Canada
Immigrate to Canada
Immigrate to Canada
Immigrate to Canada
Immgrate to Canada

Federal Immigration

Canada offers Federal immigration under the following categories. 

Federal Skilled worker Category

Federal skilled trade worker Category

Canadian Experienced Class

All these categories are entered into the express entry pool where the selected candidates are selected on the basis of a cut off decided weekly or monthly. The points are based on a person's age, experience, education, work experience and language skills. Some people get extra points on basis of having a job offer from a Canadian employer.

If you wish to find out if you qualify for any of these federal programs you can contact us for a free assessment. You can book a 30 minutes free consultation by booking online or on the phone.

Provincial Immigration

All Canadian provinces such as BC,AB,ON, and Quebec all have immigration programs where candidates are selected on basis of the provinces requirements. Once the candidates are selected they give the candidate is given a provincial nomination certificate and then the file is forwarded to the IRCC for background check. If you wish to see if you our your family members qualify for any such program contact us for a free assessment.

The government has also started an Atlantic pilot program for provinces for New Brunswick,PEI, NS and New foundland and Labrador.

The program intends to get 2000 applications under the program. For further information please contact us.

Business Immigration

The Canadian government is welcoming business investors in Canada from all over the world. 

There are two categories of Investor programs

Federal Investor program

For Federal category the minimum investment required is eight hundred thousand dollars and net worth of the person has to be at least one million and six hundred thousand dollars through legitimate and legal means. There are other criteria also such as management experience, Age etc.

Applications are accepted yearly. Banks also fund the application process provided their conditions are met. We can assist you with the complete process. Kindly schedule an appointment for further information.

Province Investor category programs

All the provinces in Canada such as BC,AB,Quebec etc have their own investor programs. Investors are required to invest amounts varying from two hundred to four hundred thousand as farmer entrepreneurs or small business owners. Quebec' program is also very famous. It opens up every year and  fills out in matter of days. Canada being a very stable economy and an immigrant friendly country is a great destination for business owners. You can contact us for more information for the programs and see if you would like to invest in Canada.


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